Beauty and the Beast (Classic Version)

Beauty and the Beast (Classic Version)

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a wealthy merchant with his beautiful and virtuous daughter named Belle. Unfortunately, the merchant lost all his wealth in a shipwreck, and they were forced to live in a little cottage.

One day, the merchant heard that one of his ships had arrived back in port, seemingly undamaged. Excited at the prospect of their fortune returning, he set off for the city, asking his daughters what gifts they’d like him to bring back. Belle, selfless as always, asked for nothing more than a single rose.

However, when the merchant arrived at the port, he found out that his recovered ship was seized to pay off his debts. Dejected, he started the journey back home. A snowstorm led him to a grand castle, where he found a room full of food and decided to spend the night.

The next day, as the merchant was about to leave, he saw a garden full of roses remembering Belle’s request, he plucked one. Suddenly, a horrible Beast appeared, furious at the merchant for stealing his precious rose after he offered him shelter. The Beast declared that the merchant must die for his theft.

Upon hearing the reason for the theft, the Beast agreed to let the merchant go only if he would send Belle to live with him. The merchant reluctantly agreed, fearing for his life.

When he returned home and told his family about the Beast’s demand, Belle agreed to go, feeling responsible for her father’s predicament. When Belle arrived at the castle, the Beast treated her kindly, providing every luxury possible.

Despite his terrifying appearance, Belle began to see the Beast’s kind nature. The Beast fell in love with Belle’s goodness and asked her to marry him every night, but she refused each time, as she only saw him as a friend.

After some months, Belle became homesick, and the Beast allowed her to visit her family. However, when Belle failed to return at the promised time, having been tricked by her jealous sisters, the Beast fell ill out of heartbreak.

Belle, seeing the Beast’s reflection in a magical mirror he had given her, rushed back to the castle. She found him dying in the garden, and wept, confessing her love for him. As she spoke, the Beast transformed into a handsome prince. A wicked witch had cursed him to live as a Beast until a beautiful maiden agreed to marry him despite his appearance.

With the curse lifted, Belle and the Prince got married and lived happily ever after.

The End.