Little Red Riding Hood (Modern Version)

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time in a suburban neighborhood, there was a sweet little girl named Lily, cherished by her family and friends. She was particularly adored by her grandmother, who once gifted her a red hoodie that she loved so much that she wore nothing else. Consequently, everyone began calling her ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’

One sunny day, her mother asked her to take a basket of homemade cookies and a thermos of soup to her grandmother, who was recuperating from a cold. Reminding her to walk safely and stay on the path, her mother warned her not to get distracted by the surroundings and to greet her grandmother courteously when she arrived.

Promising to be careful, Little Red Riding Hood set off on her journey. Her grandmother lived just beyond the outskirts of the village, in a quaint little house in the forest.

As she entered the woods, she was met by a cunning wolf. She didn’t realize what a wicked creature he was and wasn’t afraid of him.

After a brief conversation, the wolf discovered where the grandmother lived. He thought to himself, ‘What a tender meal this will be! I can feast on both the grandmother and the child.’ He suggested to Little Red Riding Hood that she should take a look around and appreciate the beautiful flowers growing in the forest.

Beguiled by the wolf’s words, Little Red Riding Hood wandered off the path to pick wildflowers for her grandmother, getting deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to the grandmother’s house. Disguising his voice, he tricked the grandmother into thinking that Little Red Riding Hood was at the door. Once inside, he locked the grandmother in the closet, dressed in her clothes and waited in her bed.

When Little Red Riding Hood finally arrived, she noticed something strange about her grandmother. Eventually, she realized that it was the wolf in her grandmother’s clothing. No sooner had the wolf revealed himself, he lunged at Little Red Riding Hood.

Fortunately, a local woodsman was passing by and heard the commotion. He rushed in to find the wolf trying to devour Little Red Riding Hood and swiftly tackled him. He locked the wolf in the closet and freed the grandmother.

Relieved and grateful, Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother thanked the woodsman. The soup and cookies were shared amongst them, bringing the grandmother back to strength.

Little Red Riding Hood learned her lesson that day. She promised herself she would always heed her mother’s advice and never wander off alone into unknown places again.

The End.