The Star Money (Classic Version)

The Star Money

Once upon a time, there was a poor little orphan girl who was kind and generous. Even though she had very little, she was always willing to share what she had. She possessed only a little piece of bread, which she was ready to divide with others, and a dress and an apron.

One day, she decided to go into the woods to gather wood for a fire. As she was gathering the twigs, an old, hungry man came to her and begged for some food. The girl gladly gave him her piece of bread.

As she continued gathering wood, a shivering child approached her and asked for some clothing. The kind-hearted girl gave her apron. Soon, another child asked for her hat, and she gave it immediately.

Finally, as night fell, another child asked her for her dress. The girl, seeing that it was night and nobody could see her, gave away her dress too. Now, she stood in the woods with nothing on her body.

Suddenly, stars fell from the sky in the form of solid pieces of silver coins. Although she was naked, a new dress of the finest linen magically appeared around her. She gathered the silver coins and was rich for the rest of her life.

The Star Money teaches us the beauty of selflessness and generosity and the joy and richness received in return when one gives joyfully and freely.

The End.