The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Classic Version)

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Once upon a time, there were four little rabbits named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter. They lived with their mother in a sandbank underneath the root of a big fir tree.

One day, their mother decided to go out. Before she left, she warned her children that they could go into the fields or down the lane, but not into Mr. McGregor’s garden, as that was the place where their father had met his untimely end, becoming an ingredient in Mr. McGregor’s pie.

However, as soon as she left, naughty Peter ran straight to Mr. McGregor’s garden, squeezing under the gate. He ate some lettuce, French beans, and radishes, but then feeling quite sick, he went looking for parsley.

Suddenly, he came face to face with Mr. McGregor, who was on his garden path. Peter was so scared that he lost one of his shoes among the cabbages and the other shoe amongst the potatoes.

A wild chase ensued, with Peter barely escaping Mr. McGregor’s grasp. He lost his blue jacket when it got caught in the gooseberry net and was finally able to squeeze back under the gate.

He got safely home, feeling very sick and weary. His mother was worried and put him to bed after giving him chamomile tea. Meanwhile, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, who had been good little bunnies and stayed away from Mr. McGregor’s garden, enjoyed a hearty meal of bread, milk, and blackberries for supper.

The End.