The Three Little Pigs (Modern Version)

The Three Little Pigs (Modern Version)

Once upon a time, there was a mother pig who lived with her three piglets. Unfortunately, they were struggling with finances, so the mother decided it was time her children started lives of their own.

The first piglet came across a man carrying a bundle of straw and asked if he could use the straw to construct a house. The man agreed, and with that, the first piglet built a straw house. Not long after, a wolf came by, knocked on the door, and asked if he could come in. The piglet refused, believing his house to be secure. However, the wolf huffed and puffed until the straw house collapsed, and he devoured the first piglet.

The second piglet encountered a man carrying a bundle of sticks and asked if he could use them to build his house. The man agreed, so he built his house with these sticks. When the same wolf came along and asked to enter, this piglet also refused entry. Just like with the straw house, the wolf huffed and puffed until the stick house collapsed, and he ate the second piglet as well.

The third piglet met a man with a truck full of bricks and requested he use them to build his home. The man agreed, and the piglet built his brick house. When the wolf came and asked to come in, the piglet refused. Despite huffing and puffing, the wolf failed to blow down the brick house, leaving him frustrated and hungry.

Trying a different tactic, the wolf told the piglet about a nearby field filled with delicious turnips. He suggested they both go there the next day to get some. The piglet agreed, cleverly leaving an hour early to gather turnips before the wolf arrived. The wolf, feeling tricked, then suggested they gather apples from a tree in Merry-garden the following day.

Again, the piglet left early, but this time, he had to climb the tree to reach the apples, and the wolf caught him in the act. To distract the wolf, the piglet threw an apple far away and quickly scampered home while the wolf was chasing after it.

Lastly, the wolf informed the piglet about a fair in town, proposing they attend together. The piglet agreed, heading off early once again. At the fair, he bought a butter churn, which he climbed into to hide when he saw the wolf approaching. The churn rolled down the hill with the piglet inside, frightening the wolf into running home without attending the fair.

When the piglet returned, the wolf, in his anger, declared he’d eat the piglet by climbing down his chimney. Foreseeing the wolf’s plan, the piglet quickly set a pot of water to boil over a roaring fire. As the wolf descended the chimney, the piglet swiftly removed and then replaced the pot lid, trapping the wolf. He boiled the wolf for supper, leaving him to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life in his sturdy brick house.

The End.