The Ugly Duckling (Classic Version)

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time, in a sunny spot near a quiet lake, a mother duck was nesting. After patiently waiting, her eggs finally hatched, and cute little ducklings popped out, cheeping merrily. But one egg, the largest of all, didn’t hatch.

When it finally did, out came a strange-looking duckling, large and gray, unlike the rest of the brood. Because of his odd appearance, the other ducklings often teased and bullied him, calling him the “ugly duckling.”

Even his mother, though kind, seemed a bit ashamed of him. The poor duckling was so miserable that he decided to run away from home.

He wandered into the wild, coming across different animals and birds, but none of them treated him kindly due to his appearance. The ugly duckling felt more lonely and outcast than ever.

Winter came, and the duckling had to swim tirelessly to prevent the water from freezing completely. He was exhausted, lonely, and close to death when a farmer found him and took him home. However, the farmer’s children scared him, and he fluttered into the milk pail and then into the butter dish, creating chaos. The duckling was frightened and escaped the farmhouse.

Spring finally arrived, and the sad and lonely duckling, now fully grown, decided to throw himself at a group of beautiful swans, expecting them to reject him just like the rest.

To his surprise, as he bent his head for one last sorrowful look into the lake, he saw not an ugly duckling, but a magnificent swan reflected back. He realized that he had never been a duckling after all – he was a swan!

The beautiful swans welcomed him warmly, children fed him bread crumbs, and everyone admired his elegance. He felt a sense of belonging he had never felt before.

The once ugly duckling, now a graceful swan, learned that he had been beautiful all along. He just needed time to grow into his true self. He spent his days swimming, flying, and honing his natural talents, living happily ever after.

The End.