Puss in Boots (Classic Version)

Puss in Boots

In a small village, a miller died leaving his three sons with their inheritance. The oldest son got the mill, the middle son received the donkey, and the youngest son had nothing but the family cat, Puss. Feeling dejected, the young man feared he would starve.

However, the cat, surprisingly, spoke up in a refined voice and asked the young man for a pair of boots and a sack. Intrigued by the talking cat, the young man used his last money to buy what Puss had requested.

Donned in his new boots, Puss started his plan. He filled the sack with lettuce and caught a fat rabbit. He presented it to the king, claiming it was a gift from his master, the Marquis of Carabas. Puss repeated this over several weeks, enticing the king’s curiosity about the wealthy and generous Marquis.

One day, Puss learned that the king and his daughter were taking a ride along the river. He urged his master to take a swim in the river, then stole his clothes and hid them. As the royal carriage passed by, Puss cried out for help, claiming the Marquis was robbed while swimming.

The king recognized the name Marquis of Carabas and ordered his servants to bring fine clothes for the young man. Dressed in royal robes, the young man looked like a true Marquis, charming the king and his daughter.

Meanwhile, Puss rushed to a nearby field where peasants were working. He warned them to tell the king that all the lands belonged to the Marquis of Carabas, or else they would be chopped into pieces. The peasants, terrified, agreed to Puss’s command.

When the king passed by, he was impressed by the vast lands that the Marquis seemingly owned. Puss then directed the king towards a castle, which belonged to a fearsome ogre. Puss challenged the ogre to transform into a small animal, and when the ogre turned into a mouse, Puss swiftly pounced and devoured him.

When the king arrived, Puss welcomed him to the Marquis’s castle. Overwhelmed, the king offered the “Marquis” his daughter’s hand in marriage. The young man, who was indeed charming and noble of heart, accepted the offer.

They lived happily as the Marquis and Marchioness of Carabas, with Puss as their most trusted companion, proving that with intelligence and courage, even the humblest can rise to greatness.

The End.