The Brave Little Tailor (Classic Version)

The Brave Little Tailor

Once upon a time, there was a little tailor who was smart and full of energy. One day, after successfully swatting and killing seven flies in one swoop that had been disturbing him, he was so impressed with his own bravery that he made a belt inscribed with the words “Seven at One Blow”. He decided to set off into the world to seek his fortune.

As he journeyed, he encountered a giant who sneered at his boasts. The clever tailor tricked the giant each time – he made the giant squeeze water from a rock while he squeezed “water” from a piece of cheese, he tricked the giant into thinking he was incredibly strong by pretending to carry a tree, when he was actually merely carrying a bird on a tree branch. The giant, impressed by his strength, took him to a den where other giants lived, but the tailor snuck away in the night.

He continued his journey and came to a royal palace where he boasted of his heroic deeds, including killing “seven at one blow”. However, the king misunderstood, thinking he had killed seven giants, not flies, and hired the tailor to carry out dangerous tasks in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The tailor tricked his way through each task. When he was asked to kill two savage giants, he threw rocks at them from a tree, causing them to fight each other until they both died. Then, he scared away a unicorn by standing behind a tree so that it ran its horn into the tree trunk and couldn’t escape. He even fooled a wild boar into running straight into a chapel, where it was easily captured.

Impressed by his bravery, the king fulfilled his promise, and the tailor married the princess. They lived happily, and the brave little tailor eventually became king.

His brave and clever exploits, along with a bit of luck and cunning, made him a legend to be remembered. And the tale of the Brave Little Tailor was told time and time again, inspiring many people.

The End.