The Enchanted Pig (Classic Version)

The Enchanted Pig

Once upon a time, there was a king with three daughters. When the king left for a war, he warned his daughters not to open the cellar door while he was away. The eldest two promised to obey, but the youngest, Lina, couldn’t contain her curiosity and opened the cellar door. Inside, she saw a great enchanted pig.

The pig told Lina that they were destined to marry. Terrified, Lina ran to her room. When the king returned, he arranged his daughters’ marriages. On the day of the wedding, Lina found that her groom was the enchanted pig.

Though the pig was kind, Lina was unhappy. One day, the enchanted pig revealed that he was a prince under a spell. He instructed Lina to wait for him in the underworld, while he went on a quest to break the spell.

Lina waited for seven years. When the prince didn’t return, she decided to find him. On her journey, she met the Moon, the Sun, and the Wind. All three gifted her with their magical items.

Eventually, she reached the underworld. She traded her magical gifts to convince the guards to let her pass. When she finally found the prince, she found out he was to be married to the underworld queen.

Lina disguised herself as a hunchbacked old woman. She offered to prepare the bridal shirt for the wedding. She embroidered two shirts, one for the queen and a special one for the prince, inserting a message inside.

When the prince wore the shirt to his wedding, he read the message and recognized Lina. In a flash, he called off the wedding and reunited with Lina. The spell was broken, and the prince transformed back into his human form.

Lina and the prince returned to the upper world to a joyous reunion. They lived together happily, grateful for their long-awaited reunion and the magical love they shared.

The End.