The Snowman (Classic Version)

The Snowman

Once upon a time, a young boy built a snowman in his garden as the winter snow fell. The snowman was a magnificent figure, standing tall with a pipe in his mouth, coal eyes, and an old broom in his hand.

As night fell, the household dog, an old and wise creature, warned the Snowman of the fleeting nature of his existence, but the Snowman didn’t understand.

The Snowman admired the cozy indoors but was especially fascinated by the glowing stove. He had fallen in love with it, longing for its warmth, not aware that it could melt him.

Each night, he’d peer longingly through the frozen windows, admiring the flames dancing in the stove. He dreamt of being close to the stove, wishing to experience the heat he believed it promised.

One day, he convinced the dog to take him to the stove. As they approached, the Snowman began to melt. The dog dragged him back outside, saving him from complete dissolution. But the Snowman was heartbroken, yearning for something he could never have.

The weather became warmer, and winter came to an end. The Snowman dwindled, shrinking each day, until eventually, he was no more than a small lump of ice. When the boy returned to the spot where he had built the Snowman, all that was left was the old broom.

The Snowman’s tale imparts a poignant lesson about the impermanence of life and the dangers of longing for the unattainable, teaching us to appreciate and embrace our own unique experiences.

The End.