The Magic Porridge Pot (Classic Version)

The Magic Porridge Pot

Once upon a time, there was a poor girl who lived with her mother. The little girl was kind-hearted and always eager to help others. One day as she was gathering firewood, she met an old woman. The woman gave her a magic pot and told her the special words to cook sweet porridge, “Cook, pot, cook,” and to stop it, “Stop, pot, stop.”

The little girl took the pot home, and they used it to make just enough porridge for their meals each day. Life went on happily for the little girl and her mother.

One day, the little girl left her house on an errand. The mother, feeling hungry, decided to use the magic pot. She said the words “Cook, pot, cook,” and the pot started to cook the porridge.

The porridge filled the pot, and she had her fill, but when she wanted to stop it, she realized she didn’t know the exact words. The pot kept cooking, and soon the porridge overflowed, filling the kitchen, then the entire house, and then it spilled out into the street.

The porridge didn’t stop flowing. It kept spreading and covered the entire town. The little girl returned to see the chaos and quickly rushed to the pot, saying the magic words, “Stop, pot, stop.” At her command, the pot stopped cooking.

The townspeople, although relieved, had to spend the rest of the day eating their way out of the town. From that day on, the mother never tried to use the magic pot again without the little girl.

“The Magic Porridge Pot” is a delightful tale that teaches us about the importance of sharing, the perils of greed, and the need to follow instructions carefully.

The End.