The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats (Classic Version)

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Once upon a time, there lived a mother goat who loved her seven little kids dearly. One day, she had to go out to gather food and warned her kids about the cunning wolf who could come to harm them. She described the wolf’s gruff voice and black feet to help them identify him.

Not long after the mother goat left, there came a knock at the door. A gruff voice announced that it was their mother. But the seven little kids recognized the wolf’s hoarse voice and refused to open the door. The wolf went away to eat a chunk of chalk to make his voice soft.

He returned and knocked again. This time, his voice was soft, and the kids were about to let him in. However, one of them saw his black paws through the window and they again refused to open the door.

Frustrated, the wolf went to the miller and covered his paws in white flour. When he returned to the little goats’ house, his voice was soft, and his paws were white. The kids, deceived, opened the door, only to realize their mistake too late. All but the youngest, who hid in the grandfather clock, were swallowed by the wolf.

Satisfied, the wolf left and laid down under a tree. The mother goat returned to find the front door open and most of her kids missing. The youngest goat came out from the clock and described the horrifying event.

Determined to find her kids, the mother goat and her youngest kid went in search of the wolf. They found him snoring loudly under a tree. To their surprise, they could see shapes moving inside the wolf’s belly. Armed with a pair of scissors, the mother goat cut open the wolf’s belly, and out jumped the six little goats, unharmed.

They filled the wolf’s belly with large stones and stitched it back up. When the wolf awoke, he was thirsty and went to a well to drink, but the heavy stones in his belly caused him to fall into the well and drown.

Back home, the little goats and their mother celebrated their victory and lived happily and securely ever after.

The End.