The Red Shoes (Condensed Version)

The Red Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Karen who was adopted by a rich old lady after her mother’s death. When preparing for her confirmation, Karen chose red shoes, ignoring the old lady’s advice that they were inappropriate for church.

During the service, Karen could think only of her lovely shoes. Even when she visited the graveyard to pay respects to her late mother, she thought of the shoes. An old soldier remarked that her red shoes were dancing shoes and that they would never come off once worn.

From then on, Karen could not control the shoes. They seemed to take on a life of their own, making her dance at inappropriate times. Even when she wore other shoes, her feet would begin to move.

One day, the shoes made her dance in the forest where she met a fairy resembling the old soldier, who cursed her to dance even in her death. Terrified, Karen sought help from the local executioner. He chopped off her feet along with the shoes.

She took to walking on crutches, and, filled with repentance, Karen dedicated her life to good deeds. She longed for Communion, but felt unworthy.

One Sunday, she gathered the courage to go to church. However, as she approached, she saw her red shoes dancing before the church door. Terrified, she turned back.

One night, heartbroken and lonely, Karen saw the old lady, who had died, in her dream. The old lady told her that she had been forgiven and could enter the church.

The next morning, Karen was found peacefully dead. She was buried, and for the first time since she got the red shoes, Karen was at peace.

The tale of The Red Shoes serves as a reminder that vanity and disobedience can lead to disastrous consequences, and repentance and selflessness are keys to redemption.

The End.