The Tinderbox (Classic Version)

The Tinderbox

Once upon a time, a penniless soldier was returning home after a long war. On his way, he met an old witch who promised him riches in exchange for retrieving a tinderbox from a hollow tree.

Guided by her instructions, the soldier climbed down into the hollow tree and found three chambers, each guarded by a dog with eyes as big as saucers, teacups, and round towers, respectively. Each dog sat on a chest filled with copper, silver, and gold coins.

He stuffed his pockets with gold coins and found the tinderbox in the third room. He climbed out of the tree and handed the tinderbox to the witch. But curious about why the old witch wanted it, he asked her. When she refused to tell him, he became angry and beheaded her with his sword.

Now rich, the soldier lived a life of luxury. But his curiosity about the tinderbox didn’t wane. One night, he lit the tinderbox, and the dogs from the tree appeared before him, ready to do his bidding. Amazed and delighted, he realized the tinderbox’s power.

One day, the soldier saw a beautiful princess through the window of the royal palace. He fell in love with her and decided to kidnap her using the dogs. The king and queen were devastated when they found their daughter missing.

The princess was eventually found at the soldier’s house, and he was arrested and sentenced to death. As he was led to his execution, he met a boy and gave him some coins to buy his tinderbox from his house.

As the soldier stood at the gallows, he asked for a final request and lit his tinderbox. The three dogs appeared and chased away the guards, judges, and even the king and queen. The crowd hailed the soldier as their new king, and he married the princess.

The intimidating dogs kept everyone in check, and the soldier, now king, and the princess lived happily ever after.

The tale of ‘The Tinderbox’ serves as a reminder that power and wealth can arrive unexpectedly, and their misuse can lead to severe consequences.

The End.